The Many Adventures of Zion…

Last week Miss Renee gave Zion his very own Tigger.

He was elated.

The next morning we headed out to run errands. We followed standard procedure and took Monkey along with us. As we were getting in the car to leave, Zion decided that Tigger needed to come. I got out of the car, unlocked the house, and found Tigger. We got Tigger, Monkey, and Zion safely buckled in and drove away. Image

As we made it out of the neighborhood, Zion looked over and asked, “Mommy, Pooh, is he not coming?”

“Zion, we don’t have a Pooh.”

“Yes, we do, Mommy,” he said. “He is in the sock.”

“I think we should bring Pooh tomorrow. Do you think that’s okay?”

Zion stared at me sadly. “No, I don’t think it’s okay.”

I turned the car around and headed back to the house. Zion had to come join me inside because I couldn’t even find the Pooh in a Sock. Fortunately, Zion knew exactly were Pooh in a Sock was. During the search, he also found Baby who, of course, could not be left behind.

Tigger and Pooh in a Sock were happily reunited.


We got Everyone buckled in.


Zion decided that Tigger needed to hold Baby.


And at last we were on our way…


Our first stop was the mall. “Does anyone want to come in?” I asked Zion.

“Yes,” he said. “Everyone.”

Visions of me carrying a handful of Animals, a Baby, and all my Christmas returns through the mall flashed through my head. I made a new rule. Effective immediately.

“Oh, no, the rule is that only one animal goes in to the mall with us at a time.”

He chose Tigger.


Side Note: Any time you go to the mall, you can take your kid in to See’s Candy for a free lollipop. Makes the shopping way more exciting.

On the way home, we needed the middle seat of the truck for some smoothies. I announced that all the Animals and Baby got the exciting opportunity to ride in the Party Space (also known as the floorboard) on the way home.


Zion took it like a champ. “Look, Mommy, Tigger and Pooh are holding hands!”

He’s definitely a glass-half-full kind of kid.


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