Exciting News…

While we were in Uganda, we heard about a little girl who needed to be adopted.

In December, we learned that this little girl was still waiting for a family, and we started praying about whether that family was supposed to be us.

It wasn’t difficult to find reasons why adopting again so soon was frightening, but as we prayed God led us to passages like Matthew 25:35: “I was a stranger and you welcomed me in.”

During the middle of our decision making, our pastor preached a sermon on Romans 8. “In light of God’s love, it doesn’t make sense to live lives shielding ourselves,” he said. “We need to ask for grace not to be cowardly, not to shrink back from the hard things out of fear.”

We talked, we prayed, and we fell in love with this precious little girl.

We said yes to adopting her.


We’ve prayed for years that God would set the lonely in our family. After a heart-wrenching three year journey, God brought Zion home. Now we’re praying He will bring home Zion’s little sister.

We don’t have this all figured out. We just completed an adoption in 2012 that exhausted most of our resources. We won’t be able to save the funds for this adoption as quickly as we will need them.

We are confident though, that God loves this little one way more than we do. She could be in no better hands than His.

Zion prays every night, “God, please let us be her family. Please bwing her home soon.”

Pray with us.


Here are some FAQs about this adoption. Here are some ways you can help.


7 thoughts on “Exciting News…

  1. Aside from the fact that this is WONDERFUL news, this picture you took of Zion is also wonderful. You got skillz, lady.

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