Sawdust & Diamonds- an adoption fundraiser from a precious friend…

Rachel and I became friends on Skid Row.


We were both part of a group of college students who spent their Friday nights walking through downtown Los Angeles, trying to share tacos and the hope of the Gospel with the people who lived and worked on Skid Row. There are a lot of things about that ministry that we would do differently now, but I’ll always be thankful for the way God used it in my life. We spent so many hours sitting on urine soaked sidewalks and asking God for the words to make the Gospel sound as beautiful as it really was to homeless men and women who had bared their lives and their suffering to us.


Skid Row kept us sober, very aware that this world’s satisfaction was fleeting at best. Our desire to find truth for the people we met there drove us to seek the truth for ourselves. The friendships we forged there went so deep and have been very enduring. I’ll always be grateful.


Since those first few nights as freshmen finding our way in this new ministry on Skid Row, God has just grown Rachel and I’s love for each other.


We took each other’s engagement pictures and were in each other’s weddings. We have more funny, beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime moments together than I could count. We both became teachers and now she is walking with me through the journey of adoption.

Rachel is amazingly talented. She has an eye for beauty and in the last year she has started creating her own line of jewelry. She makes beautiful necklaces- bird’s nest, peas in a pod, pendants.


From now until Valentine’s Day. she is donating 50% of all the sales in her shop Sawdust & Diamonds to support our adoption.

You should seriously go check out some of her jewelry. It’s beautiful.


So thankful to have friends like her who are coming around us in this journey to bring her home.


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