Psalm 1

I helping lead a Bible study on the Psalms for college aged girls. I thought I’d try to post a couple thoughts that stay with me from each study. 

Why study the Psalms?

“So the question for the first Christians- and for us- was this: How does the new mind and the new heart, with all of their imperfect thinking and feeling, pursue the fullness of right-thinking and the fullness of holy affections. One of the main answers of the early church was to immerse themselves in the Psalms. The Psalms is the most often-quoted Old Testament book in the New Testament. It was the songbook and the poetry book and the meditation book of the church. Alongside the teachings of Jesus and the apostles, Psalms was the book that shaped the thinking and the feeling of the believers more than any other.” – John Piper

Last week we studied Psalm 1 together. The godly person is stable and fruitful because he meditates on and delights in God’s Word instead of listening to the counsel of the wicked. 

I’ve been thinking all week about verse three. I wanted to be planted. I don’t want to be the useless, temporary chaff, blowing away in the wind. I want to be stable, sustained by the streams of living water.

And I want to bear fruit. This psalm was such a reminder to me that the godly person’s life is full of fruit and that that fruit is for others. After all, trees don’t bear fruit for themselves. When God prospers us, it is not for us. It is for the benefit of the people He has given us to love.

What’s the key to being planted, to bearing fruit? Delighting in the law of the Lord. Meditating on it day and night.

Here’s a couple of the questions we asked each other at the end of the study:

– Where are the places in my life where I’m getting counsel from the wicked instead of listening to God’s Word?

– How can I actually meditate day and night?

– Where can the Word bear more fruit in my life for other people?


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