His First Valentine’s Day…

We celebrated by taking the One Hope Academy students to get smoothies.



I had them all read on the way to and from Jamba Juice.Image

I don’t think Zion really grasped the Valentine’s Day concept, but when I gave him a heart shaped sugar cookie, he was overjoyed.

“Mommy, would it be so good if I held it here?”


We missed the last five years of holidays with him. It was really special to have him here for this one. 



2 thoughts on “His First Valentine’s Day…

  1. That’s just precious. I very clearly remember the grieving over the holidays that we had missed celebrating with our Abby. Very soon, though, you forget because you have so many happy memories with him! What is One Hope Academy, Miriam? Do you teach there? It seems like something I would love doing.

  2. Denise, I can’t wait til we have loads of memories with him!!

    One Hope Academy is a school that I teach it. It’s for students who needed a different option. It’s a private, Christian, tuition-free school. Very, very small. We’re like a little family. I have loved getting to teach there!

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