Zion’s first pets…

The Sunday before Spring Break we decided to take Zion to purchase some pets…IMG_0578Baby ducks!! He was nervous at first…IMG_0586But he loved them…He named them Suubi & Bridgetti…Suubi was the name of the place we stayed in in Uganda. Bridgetti is the name of a friend we made while we were there. She was three at the time and there was an incident in the store where she found herself dripping her diaper contents and then trotting through them in her flip flops. Zion thought it was the funniest thing he had ever seen. When we first got the ducks one of them pooped in the box and then proceeded to walk through the poop. He made the connection to that day in the supermarket in Uganda and named the duck Bridgetti. Love that kid.
Talitha loved the ducks as well…IMG_0728
Although she was a little distracted by Malachi, Demarkus, & Zion doing handstands in the living room…
She actually grabbed a duck by the head and then sort of threw it…
Due to an unrelated incident, the ducks are no longer with us. They made it three days. What can I say? We’re not the best pet people. It was short and sweet.

There was a touching burial in the backyard the next day. Not sure how soon we’ll try the pet thing again.


One thought on “Zion’s first pets…

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