about us…

Meet the Boones.


I’m Miriam. I work as the Program Coordinator for One Hope in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I care deeply about counseling children, supporting at-risk families, and trying to make sense of God’s severe mercies in our lives. I love to laugh, read, play basketball, and have a cup of tea on a rainy day.

I’m married to Nate. He works in the church by the day and in an ambulance by night. His love for me, Zion & Selah teaches us more about Jesus every day.

We brought our son home from Uganda November 19th, 2012, after a three year journey in international adoption. Six months later, we went back to Uganda to adopt a little girl. Zion and Selah have filled our home with silliness, laughter, and assorted stuffed animals. We are teaching them how to be in a family, and they are teaching us how to dance.

We love each other, we love Christmas, we love the church, we love the inner city, we love adoption, and we love Jesus.

We dream about Africa, ministry to the poor, and whatever path would give us the most of God.

If you want to know more, just ask.

You can reach me via email at miriamboone@gmail.com.


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